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Interview | Follow the Sea: 'We like to test things and explore. We rarely have a plan'

Follow the Sea - 'Blue Joy' (Häxrummet Records)

Follow the Sea's third EP 'Blue Joy', released through Swedish label Häxrummet Records in May, means a breakthrough in the discography of the Stockholm-based duo. Certainly, they had to think out of the box to do their masterpiece - so far. Erik Solfeldt and Magnus Lundgren spoke to us about it. 

Why did you choose 'Virhe' to be the first single? What is special about it?

'Virhe' is a little different from the stuff we usually do. It was originally written and recorded in 24 hours for a compilation cassette. When we started this album, we felt the song turned out so great that we wanted it to be in there. It’s got a lot of synthesizers and drum machines originally because we were in a rush, but then it just felt right. The song is great and we’re really proud and also we didn’t want to bury it, or sneak it along among the rockier stuff.

What are the main differences now you are working with a Swedish label?

Well, it’s easily the personal connection. Just grabbing a beer and talking about plans. It’s easier with the contact, and more fun and intimate.

'We rarely have a plan, and we mainly like to go with flow when it comes to the creative process'

How was working with Niclas Lindgren?

Niclas is an old friend of ours who has always been somewhat of a creative… We say ”bollplank” in Swedish. Someone to bounce ideas off and get new ideas or improve old ones. There’s also a lot of synthesizers on the record, which is his thing really. This collaboration started with the track 'Breeze', the 20 minutes drone that fills the B-side. He wanted to blend his minimalistic electronic drone with our rock music. It was difficult, and eye-opening.

How do you see your creative process from 2013's self-title debut EP to 'Blue Joy'?

We like to test things and explore. We rarely have a plan, and we mainly like to go with flow when it comes to the creative process. This time it was a bit more structured and planned, mainly because we worked with Niclas.

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Follow the Sea covers Chapterhouse in tribute to shoegaze icon

Swedish duo Follow the Sea have covered the song ‘Treasure’, fourth track of the Chapterhouse debut album ‘Whirlpool’ (1991), to Treasures, A Tribute To Chapterhouse (The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records) released yesterday, March 7.

Although they are “more into MBV, Slowdive and Lush”, they enjoyed the experience. “We had of course heard of them and listened enough to know that ‘Treasure’ would be our first choice when Renato [Malizia] asked us to be a part of the compilation, singer Erik Solfeldt said. “We aimed for a slower and more monotonous/drone version, repeating the chorus at the end”, he added.

The beautiful compilation includes other bands such as Le 1991, Human Colonies, Pure Morning and All About Rockets. “We're very excited about the release and to hear the other bands versions of the songs”, Solfeldt said. 

Listen to Follow the Sea performing their version to ‘Treasure’.

Listen to the full tribute here.
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