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Interview | Zeit (Sweden): "Basically it’s just pop music drenched in fuzz"

Zeit has arisen in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a sound based on post-punk, noise pop, dream pop and shoegaze. They have just released your new EP Life is Just a Blur, another brilliant work made for the shoegazer new generation. Its co-founder Erik Engblom spoke with blog this week about Zeit’s discography, the both sides of internet and social media revolution to indie bands, and the bigger shoegaze exponent ever, My Bloody Valentine.

by Talita Lima

In what year Zeit was formed? What bands more have inspired you?

Erik Engblom: As a band Zeit have existed since 2010. But as a concept the band formed by me and Erik Jonsson late 2008 over a couple of drinks at my brothers place. We both share a fondness for what happened with rock music in the late 80-90 ´s, we both love and growing up listening to bands like Broder Daniel (Swedish cult band), Joy Division, Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Smiths, Slowdive, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine. I wouldn't say that we are influenced by those band, but rather these bands inspired us to do our own thing.

What are the expectations about the new EP Life is Just a Blur?

Erik: I haven't given it too much thought, but spontaneous I hope that people feel something when they listening to it – disgust, love, hate, sorrow etc. I think most people don't like it cause it´s rather extreme and drenched in fuzz. At the same time I think those who are well informed (know the genre) might love some of tracks. Basically it’s just pop music drenched in fuzz. It´s an old concept coming back in style. 

How has its receptivity been?

Erik: People are generally nice especially if the band is unknown. I guess people who don't like it don´t want to waste energy by writing us down. At the same time those who like it often say nice things about the new EP. With that said, the receptivity has been good.

"Basically it’s just pop music drenched in fuzz."

According to your Bandcamp page, your debut was with a full-length album with ten tracks, in 2011. Was there a particular reason for you release a EP this time? Is it as a preparation to a next full-length album?

Erik: We just had a couple of songs that we recorded and it ended up as an album in 2011. The new EP released feels like a new beginning, I guess you can call it preparation for what to come, but I don't know at this time if it’s a full-length album or another EP. I personally love the EP format. It’s perfect for concepts and in my opinion less boring than the album. 

What do internet and social media mean to indie bands like Zeit?

Erik: It´s a good thing I guess. Small bands don’t need to be on a label anymore. With internet and social media revolution bands can promote and release material without the greedy labels. At the same time it’s hard to get through since it feels like everyone making music these days.

"I think My Bloody Valentine doing the right thing releasing it on their own, they really don't need the labels." 

How is the shoegaze/dream pop scene in Sweden?

Erik: I don’t know if there really is a shoegaze scene in Sweden. Don´t know if there are scenes at all in Sweden. We have a couple of big festivals every year and that´s it. It’s hard to tour in Sweden since no one is willing to pay band for concerts. 

Have you read the Kevin Shields interview on Guardian speaking about MBV has been “banned” from the list of nominees to the Mercury Prize because the album had been released independently? What do you think about it?

Erik: Haven't heard about it. And my general attitude is that music and art in general are not a sport – you can't compete. And I think My Bloody Valentine doing the right thing releasing it on their own, they really don't need the labels.

Comment about your future concerts.

Erik: We hope to tour Europe in the near future!

Leave a message to the shoegaze/dream pop lovers in Brazil.

Erik: Hope to tour your part of the world someday.

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