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Follow The Sea: "Cassette tape makes things more interesting. It's hard to skip songs"

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The reunions of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride coincide with a remarkable renewal of shoegaze. They may not know how continue to inspire lots of young musicians. New bands arise every day from everywhere in the internet universe, connecting with listeners around the world, such as the Stockholm-based duo Follow The Sea who with just one electric guitar sounds as shoegazing & noise as the greatest of these genres. Their first EP, digital and self-released, called just 'Follow The Sea' came out in July 2013. Currently the Swedes are promoting their second EP, 'Sibirien', via Moon Sounds Records, a record label from the U.S. which they have contacted by postal service. Following, an interview with the singer and guitarist Erik Solfeldt.

How did Follow The Sea arise?

I had written some dream-pop songs and Magnus helped me to record them. We realized they were really good and wanted to take a shot at playing shoegaze as a two-piece band.

'Pop songs with elements of fuzzy droning and Scandinavian melancholy'. Comment it, especially the last part.

In November we had 5 hours of sun. The rest was all clouds and rain. And there is like 5 hours each day that the sun is even up, the rest is pure darkness. There is an element of longing, of dreaming of another time, another day, another season in our music as well as in a lot of Scandinavian music.

From your point of view, is there a neo-shoegaze scene in Sweden?

No, there's not much gaze music in Sweden at all sadly. There's a couple of really good bands and artists but we wouldn't call it scene. The shoegaze sound has started to make it into mainstream pop (reverb vocals, kind of electro dream pop, we call it feather pop, 'cause when they play live they're always wearing birds feathers). So there might be one soon, who knows.

Follow The Sea Facebook Page
How did the contact with the US label happen?

Moon Sounds Records have bands on their roster like Dead Leaf Echo and Ceremony both great bands that we listen to, so we sent them a demo, "old school style" regular post service. And they liked it.

In your opinion, which elements might exist in new shoegazing music that represent more than a reproduction of what came before?

Good question! A lot of shoegaze band have really unique sounds. The genre is fun because there’s not a lot of rules, there’s just an aesthetic and an attitude but really it’s all different. There are a lot of different influences coming in from all over so each band that brings in a new influence brings something new.

Finally, why did you decide to release the new EP also in cassette tape?

Cassette tape is fun. Music is so easily accessed, it’s easy to just listen to what you think is best or most interesting or just what is most available. Cassette tape and vinyl make things more interesting, and a bit challenging for the listener. It’s hard to pick and choose songs or skip songs. You have to accept what the artist gives you, which forces you to relax and concentrate on the music.

Next shows:

Dec 19
The Southside Cavern
Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 28
Dresden, Germany

Dec 31
Trøjborg Beboerhus
Aarhus, Denmark

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